For All The Lonely Hearts This V-Day

When you woke up this morning were you happy it was Valentine’s Day or sad because you didn’t think you had anyone with whom to share the February tradition? It’s become such a commercial “holiday,” that it often makes those who are, at the moment, not in a romantic relationship depressed…seeing red hearts everywhere, hearing love songs on the radio and everyone sharing his/her sentiments with his/her partner on Facebook and other social media.

Well, let’s take a look on the bright side. First: you woke up, right! Hopefully you’re fit as a fiddle, except for the occasional ache here and there. You have a job or are gainfully retired (sic); you have your furry friend who worships the ground you walk on (even though he may pretend not to give a #$$#); maybe you have that rosebush or herb garden you’re tending; don’t forget your diary that can’t wait for your next entry (ok…maybe that’s a stretch….)

Anyway think of the signs posted all around that are NOT red hearts…that are of different colors and shapes that make you smile, because that’s the everyday real!

Sure, you could go on one of dozens of dating sites and find someone to have dinner with tonight, but really….is that what you want? Wouldn’t it be more fun to be with a friend or family member (if you have one you’re still talking to), and share horror stories about an ex boy or girlfriend? Or stay at home and couch potato it for the evening with Netflix and popcorn!

Just don’t buy into the hype, is all I’m trying to say. There are plenty of “couples” who’d love to be in your shoes right now. Maybe they’re staying together for any number of reasons and are not feeling very “valentinish” at all. It’s about you, kiddo! Appreciate and respect who you are and know that you can make the most of the day and evening with anyone or no one and still enjoy February 14th.


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