Looking for a Good Health Plan? Look no further....and no, this is not a commercial.....

I’d rather not have to go to one, but if I did, like I did yesterday, I’m happy to report my husband was well taken care of at Kaiser Permanente in Hollywood. His doctor did a thorough exam of Randy, who’s been experiencing a lot of low back pain and numbness. Dr. Jung must have spent nearly an hour with him, finally deciding he needed immediate attention which he could only receive at the ER.

So off we went to the Sunset facility where we got right in…the doctor had called ahead so we didn't have to wait. He was seen within 10 minutes and quickly had his vitals taken and his blood drawn.

He was then seen by an ER doctor who agreed with Dr. Jung that he needed an MRI to see what was going on.

A nurse came in and said she wasn’t sure how long it would be, but as she was saying that, they came to take him to the room which amazingly opened up right then and there!

After the MRI the doctor assured Randy he didn’t need another surgery….that he would refer him to a neurologist and Spinal Group that provides therapy, acupuncture and anything else they feel should help his condition.

His appointment is this coming Tuesday!

Oh….and if you have a chance to be treated by a doctor at the new Kaiser facility on Romaine in Hollywood, wow….it’s spectacular! Parking is right in the building….you come up the elevator and walk into the waiting room that's right out of the 70s in bright colors of orange, blue and yellow.

There are several computer check in posts where friendly folks are happy (at least appear to be) to guide you through the process.

Your name pops up on several screens throughout the well appointed room when the doctor is ready to see you, telling you exactly what room the physician is in. Sooooo organized.

Wait! There’s more! When you arrive at your doctor’s treatment room you’ll be seated on a special chair…very comfy…that actually weighs you! Really! I fell for the doctor’s next comment that the chair also checks your prostate….I wouldn’t have been surprised at all!

All the equipment is state of the art, as you can imagine. But I was glad that Randy was at least seen by a real doctor and NOT a robot!

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