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Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Everyone's been telling me: "Hettie, why don't you write a blog?" And I've been saying "Yeah, but I have so much to talk about and share, where would I begin, and how would I narrow it down?" Well, guess what? OK, you already know.....I've decided to do it...just write and share things I think you might find interesting, amusing and/or enlightening.

First off: if you like music, but have always been afraid of opera (the big "O"), well you really should check out Pacific Opera Project (POP) based in L.A. Josh Shaw is a master of taking a classic opera and bringing it to the "people." For instance he transformed "La Boheme" into "The Hipsters," and based it in Silver Lake. While Puccini's magnificent score remains untouched, and the singers perform the libretto in Italian, the supertitles have been written in contemporary jargon. Josh has taken a tragic opera and made it accessible to everyone, including devout opera fans.

So this is what I want to share today: Josh has just found out POP has not one, but TWO productions selected as semi-finalists for the American Prize in Opera Performance!

Their version of the Magic Flute (#SuperFlute) and bilingual production of Madama Butterfly are two of the four finalists for the prize. Not too shabby!

Check out what's coming up next.

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